Single review: The Bloody Beetroots feat. Paul McCartney & Youth – Out Of Sight

The Bloody Beetroots, spearheaded by Italian electro and dance music producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo has teamed up with Sir Paul McCartney to release the heavy and thumpingly hypnotizing single Out of Sight.

The single is a brand new electro remix of Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight, a track originally on McCartney’s critically acclaimed 2008 album Electric Arguments ( recorded with Youth and released under their pseudonym The Fireman).

The song was (apparently) McCartney’s cathartic vent of pent up anger at ex-wife Heather Mills, whom he had recently and acrimoniously split from.

The Bloody Beetroots have taken it and turned it into a potential club hit, cropping the grimy riff into a tight 4 bars and layering it over pounding drums, repeating until the song strips back to a more more relaxed verse consisting of Macca playing piano, drums and bass as he wails the barbed yet heartfelt lyrics.

Despite being wrongly labeled a writer of catchy yet lightweight pop music, McCartney has never shied away from experimenting with music, dabbling in (among other genres) rock, classical, ambient, experimental and dance. Out of Sight and his collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots in general further backs up the fact that McCartney still has a passion for what he does and continues to try to push the boundaries after over 50 years in the business.

The other half of the single, the mysterious Bloody Beetroots, is fronted by Sir Bob Cornelius. Known for sporting a trademark Venom mask and having his birth year ‘1977’  tattooed across his chest, has being releasing EP’s and dance singles since 2007, with Out of Sight being his most high profile collaboration to date.

Minutes after the song was premiered online Sir Bob took to Facebook, saying: “This is an important and special moment for me…It’s one of the most significant landmarks in my career and now I give it to you, to listen and share.”

Out of Sight will be available to purchase from iTunes on June 18 and you can listen to the full thing over on the Rolling Stone website.

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