The Bayonets announce Steven Tyler collaboration

Indie rock band The Bayonets have announced that their third single to be released will be Vagabond Soul, and will feature Steven “The Demon of Screamin'” Tyler on harmony vocals and rocking a harmonica solo.

In the most recent newsletter from The Bayonets, Brian Ray broke the news the Aerosmith legend (and honorary Bayonet) would feature on their next single.

As well as Brian, Oliver and Lucrecia being joined by Steven Tyler, Vagabond Soul also features Adam MacDougall on keys and Davey Faragher on bass. A fantastic band lineup if ever there was one!

The third single was originally planned to be Whatcha Got, a bluesy rocker featuring Lucrecia sharing lead vocals with Brian. Whatcha Got was premiered on The Bayonets’ Tourette del Sol 2, however as the bands release schedule is so flexible, the are able to change things up at short notice to suit conditions on the ground.

As such they have made a tactical switch selecting Vagabond Soul (described by Brian as a rocking soul ballad) to be released on July 4th – American Independence Day.

The band’s first two singles, Sucker For Love and Smartphone, have brought them great success. Both have been named ‘the coolest song in the world’ on Stevie Van Zandts Underground Garage radio show, and both have charted amazingly highly on the Classic Rock radio charts. Hopefully Vagabond Soul will follow in the footsteps of its two predecessors and continue to bring The Bayonets continued success.

The new newsletter also hosts a video of Steven Tyler enthusing about the collaboration. The 22-second-long video sees Steven exclaiming: “Good God, who’s on a roll? It’s The Bayonets with the Vagabond Soul!” He also provides a succinct review of the new single, saying: “It’s cool shit!” You can see the video at the end of this post!

All Bayonets singles are/will be available as a MP3 downloads to purchase from and They can also be found on iTunes, Spotify and anywhere else where digital music downloads are sold. There are also brand new, super soft and rockingly retro Bayonets T-shirts available via their store.

And if you want to find out more about the band be sure to head over to The Bayonets’ Wikipedia page and you can read the original newsletter here!

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