Album review: Adrian Roye and The Exiles – Reclaimed

Exploring the genre of Afro-folk, Adrian Roye and The Exiles are a new four piece band and Reclaimed is their gentle and breezily brilliant debut album that is both faithful to the popular folk genre, yet different enough to make the band stand out from the crowd.

Being plucked from relative obscurity in 2011 by celebrated producer Michael Chorney, the band traveled from their hometown of London to his secluded studio on the Green Mountains of Vermont to lay down the tracks that would eventually form Reclaimed.

The band consists of lead singer Adrian Roye, Simon Lewis on cello duties, Beth Dariti handling bass and backing vocals, and Dan Paton on drums and percussion. Chorney also added personal touches on a range of unusual instrumentation, including saxophone choirs and prepared guitars, creating a musically diverse album.

While the genre of Arfo-folk may not be to everyone’s tastes, the combination of the traditional folk with that distinctly African tinge makes for fun and interesting listening, and will almost definitely turn music lovers on to the majorly underrepresented genre.

Lyrically and vocally, Adrian Roye and The Exiles grab and keep hold of your interest, not once allowing the listeners interest wain throughout their debut album. The bands’ excitement and passion is also tangible in the well crafted and intricate songs, especially the harmonically complex Cold War, and the offbeat reggae Fear of Phantoms.

Speaking about the recording process, Adrian said: “It seems appropriate that a band called The Exiles should record their debut album outside their home country. The recording sessions were dream-like, surrounded by lush green hills, tracking songs with one of my favourite producers. Michael captured what many normally lose during the inception to completion of a record. In his words it was ‘cosmic’. Within our self-imposed exile to Vermont, we were able to fully realise our musical identity back home.”

Reminiscent of the music of the greats including Tracy Chapman and Kate Rusty, Adrian Roye and The Exiles are a fantastic new band and their first venture into the professional music world is one that they can be proud of and one that music lovers everywhere will be able to enjoy time and time again.

You can listen to and download the gentle opening track, Plastic Bag Goldfish, for free at the end of this post, and you can find out more about Adrian Roye and The Exiles over on their official website. The album will be available to buy from 29th July.


Plastic Bag Goldfish
Warning Shot
The Calling
Cold War
Fear of Phantoms
Same Each TIme
Pebbles & Stones
Seven Hours
Where Are The Roses
I Claim You

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One thought on “Album review: Adrian Roye and The Exiles – Reclaimed

  1. Super excited that I found this. I am going to look up everything I can on this band. Thanks!

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