Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams feud continues

The infamous long running feud between Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams has once again reared it’s ugly head, with Gallagher blasting the Let Me Entertain You singer, eloquently calling him a “f***ing fat f***ing idiot.”

The comments from the Beady Eye frontman came not long after Robbie made some constructive criticism of the new Beady Eye album BE. He said: “When you listen to them [the tracks on BE] you think, ‘Please put a chorus in — it will be brilliant.’ They are not going to have a character brave enough to tell Liam that!”

Speaking to The Sun, Gallagher hit back, saying “We didn’t make a record to satisfy some requirements, this was our project. … I’d rather shoot myself in the balls than follow his advice.”

Liam Gallagher is also a little bitter at the fact that Robbie is getting more attention than Beady Eye. Robbie played 3 nights at Manchester’s Ethiad Stadium as part of his Take The Crown stadium tour (concert review here), entertaining 180,000 fans over the trio of shows, while Beady Eye performed to an audience of 1500 at Manchester’s Ritz.

“We should be playing the Etihad three nights, not some f***ing fat f***ing idiot. It could be any fucking clown,” Gallagher ranted. “I think it’s a shame that he’s doing three nights and a band like us are doing one night in the Ritz. Poor, mate. It’s not about him, it’s people in general. But it’s about fucking him, just in case you think I’m scared or something.”

The feud has been running since the 90’s, when Gallagher (then  in Oasis) refereed to Robbie (then in Take That) as “the fat dancer.” This was esculated at the 2000 Brit Awards when, on live TV, Robbie offered to fight Liam.

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