The Bayonets’ “Smartphone” breaks into the Classic Rock Top Ten

Indie band The Bayonets’ second single Smartphone has finally broken into the Top Ten of the Classic Rock radio charts…nearly two months after it’s May release.

Following in the footsteps of their debut single Sucker For LoveSmartphone has defied the odds and slowly but surely continued work its way up the US based music chart.

And as with the first single, Smartphone was also heavily promoted by Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steven Van Zandt on his popular internet Underground Garage radio show on SiriusXM, even being labeled “The Coolest Song in the World”. A review for the single can be found here.

Fans of the band, who call themselves the ‘Whooray Team’, have not let the criminally infectious single fall far from the public eye, keeping word of the song alive on social networks Facebook and Twitter by hash-tagging their glowing comments with #SmartphoneSong.

Surprised at the news, music lover Shelly Marie Solle said: “Do you know how rare it is for an indie band to have two top 10 hits in a row? I’ve never heard another do it. I’m so addicted. I need to go to Bayonets anonymous!”

For the week between June 25 and July 1, Smartphone even ranked higher than artists including the Foo Fighters, the Black Keys and David Bowie.

Lead singer Brian Ray spoke to, expressing his happiness at the song’s success and gratitude at the stoic loyalty of The Bayonets’ fans:

We are absolutely thrilled to hear the news today! Smartphone was perched at #14 a few weeks in a row and I was quite pleased with that, but after tasting “Top Ten” with our first single, Sucker for Love (#9 in April) you get a bit of a sweet tooth for more of that Top Ten candy. I’m now feasting on sweet treats!

I must give credit to all of our supporters here in the blogosphere and to Little Steven Van Zandt for deeming both of our first singles “The Coolest Song in the World” on his terrestrial and Sirius satellite stations. Also, big thanks to our radio promo person, Jody Best and the Whooray Team who have been tirelessly spreading the word from Brazil to Boston, from London to Lithuania (actually not sure about Lituania, I made that part up!)

Anyway, we’re really enjoying this ride, and it’s all of you who make it possible and fun. Be sure to have a listen to our new single Vagabond Soul featuring Steven Tyler, and stay tuned for more…!

The Bayonets’ most recent single Vagabond Soul features Steven Tyler on backing vocals and harmonica, and is available as an MP3 download to buy from and iTunes. A review can also be found here. You can also get The Bayonets’ smash hit debut single Sucker For Love and followup rocker Smartphone from these places too!  There are also brand new, super soft and rockingly retro Bayonets T-shirts available via their store, so be sure to pop by there too!

You can find out more about the band by visiting The Bayonets’ Wikipedia page.

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