Abe Laboriel Jr discusses Macca’s new album and touring

Paul McCartney drummer Abe Laboriel Jr has opened up about working with the Wings legend as well as providing a few tantalizing hints about Macca’s new album in an interview with the Boston Globe.

Speaking about the new album, Abe said: “It’s exciting! A lot of different styles. It’s very youthful — aggressively rock at times, and singer-songwriter, insular and intimate, at others.” No release date has been set, however it is believed that the album is complete and will be scheduled for release towards the end of the year.

Abe first started working with Paul McCartney in 2001, when he was recording his Driving Rain album. Brought in to drum on all of the tracks, Abe was understandable nervous, though he soon realised his nerves were all unfounded. “It all felt very natural,” said Abe, “He never said, ‘Oh, could you play it more like Ringo [Starr] or Denny [Seiwell, drummer with McCartney’s band Wings].’ The cool thing about Paul is he’s very much into exploring the music, rather than dictating it.”

Having toured with McCartney for over a decade, Abe has played some of the most unique gigs in the most unique venues ever, and despite his boss being close to 30 years his senior, his passion for his job still startles Abe: “He has boundless energy! At the end of an almost three-hour show, I’m completely wiped out. I’ve run the marathon. It’s amazing – he’s still bouncing around.

“The truth is, every time he gets onstage, he’s enjoying himself beyond anything. That gives us confidence that there’s no sign of this gig slowing down. He loves being in front of the audience, with his band, rocking out.”

You can read Abe Laboriel Jr’s full interview with the Boston Globe here.

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