Nirvana help Paul McCartney close Seattle concert

The three surviving members of the seminal, ’90s grunge-band Nirvana helped bring the house down when they joined Paul McCartney on stage to bring to a close his first ever concert at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington.

The former Wings frontman was joined on stage my Dave Grohl, Kris Novoselic and Pat Smear during the first encore to perform their original track Cut Me Some Slack, followed by The Beatles’ Get Back and a very rare airing of Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally (a song The Beatles famously covered and released as a single in 1964).

Introducing the 1956 hit, a song that Paul hasn’t tackled live since the 1986 Prince’s Trust concert, he said: “When Dave first invited me over to his studio to rock, he suggested that we just do this old rock and roll song. We didn’t do it, but we’re going to do it tonight for you!”

After taking their first bows and leaving the stage, Paul returned for a gentle rendition of Yesterday, although the excitement level was soon kicked up a gear when Dave, Krist and Pat rejoined Paul and his band on stage to perform screaming rocker Helter Skelter and the anthemic medley Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End.

Speaking after the show, fan Shelley Marie Solle enthused: “I couldn’t believe Dave and the boys showed up. Nirvana with Paul lead…Holy crap! It was truly the best Paul concert I’ve ever seen!”

Macca guitarist/bassist Brian Ray also took to Facebook, saying: “the word ‘epic’ is really the most appropriate word I can muster for our experience in Seattle at Safeco Field with Paul and the surviving members of Nirvana last night for 4 songs on the encore. That was truly one for the books! #‎Sirvana‬ rules~ Thanks to all who came!”

This isn’t the first time Paul, and the remaining Nirvana members have performed together; they first played the 121212 concert for Sandy Relief at New York City’s Madison Square Garden after the devastating hurricane towards the end of 2012 (review here). Then several days later they appeared again on the Saturday Night Live Christmas special.

Dave Grohl has also had the honor of performing with his idol Paul McCartney on several other occasions, the first being in 2008 at the Liverpool Sound concert to celebrate the city being crowned the ‘Capital Of Culture’ (review here).

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2 thoughts on “Nirvana help Paul McCartney close Seattle concert

  1. Beauxcefus says:

    FREAKING AWESOME! McCartney is a fucking BOSS. Helter Skelter songs like it was written yesterday. Grohl and he mesh well – I hope they collaborate more. Hope Paul keeps kicking ass and rocking for another few years. He’s untouchable as a real, authentic musicians and icon.

  2. what a night that would of been!

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