Single review: Paul McCartney – New

The first song to emerge from Paul McCartney’s upcoming album “New” is the appropriately named single also titled New. A retro sounding song bristling with melody and excitement, New features DJ and master of collaboration Mark Ronson acting as producer while adding his own unique touches.

Preceeded by a series of seemingly random words being tweeted from Paul McCartney’s official twitter account. ‘Castle’, ‘York’, ‘born’ and ‘moon’ were among the string of random tweets, however it wasn’t until the words ‘sreel’ and ‘sworthy’ were tweeted that people made the connection: NEW. And so came the long awaited announcement of a new single and album from the former Wings frontman.

The vamping harpsichord and swift tempo are reminiscent of The Beatles’ Penny Lane, and the general happy-go-lucky mood and care free feel of the song harps back to the early years of Paul’s career. The lyrics to New are in no way deep or ultra meaningful, just a creative explosion of snappy words seemingly designed to fit nicely within the snappy drumbeat.

New also boasts some Beach Boys-esque harmonies throughout, culminating with a tastily luscious accapella coda.

However it straddles the fine line of perhaps sounding too 60-y and Beatles-y: While it is understandable that Paul has written a song that sounds like it would sit nicely in the middle of side-2 of some mid-era Beatles album, it’s a great shame he does not put out more rocking, hard edged, off-the-wall singles like he did during his time with Wings.

Let’s just remember that completely odd lyric ‘Say you don’t love him, my salamander’. Now THAT’S the Paul that a lot of people want to see make a return!

While the song may have garnered more praise and as such crated better had it been released during Macca’s heyday, New is an undeniably catchy and fun little pop song that may get a little extra attention from a younger demographic due to Mark Ronson’s name being attached to it.

Bringing his trademark horns to the track, Ronson is only one of several producers involved on the new album: Giles Martin (son of Beatles producer George Martin), Ethan Jones and Paul Epworth all have producers credits, which will undoubtedly make for an eclectic album.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 about the collaborations, Paul said: “The songs are quite varied. I was going to do one song with each producer and see who I got on with best but I got on with all of them. Paul Epworth is more, ‘let’s make it up’, Ethan is more acoustically inclined.”

New (the single) is available to purchase on iTunes now, and the album is available to pre-order. The official release date for New (the album) will be October 14 (UK) and October 15 (US). The upcoming release will be Paul’s first album of brand new solo material in six years. This doesn’t include Kisses on the Bottom, an album consisting primarily of jazz standards, released to a lukewarm reaction in 2012 (review here)).

You can hear Paul McCartney’s New in this video hosted by

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