Single review: The Naked and Famous – Hearts Like Ours

The new single from The Naked and Famous, arguably the coolest post-punk alternate rock band to come out of New Zealand, is the hypnotic and eerily melodic Hearts Like Ours.

Despite being off the radar for quite some time, the single has been released ahead of their new album In Rolling Waves, which is due to hit UK shelves on September 16th.

Starting out sounding atmospherically airy, Hearts Like Ours builds up to a pumping chorus before dropping back off for its minimalist verses. Alisa Xayalith’s vocals are enchantingly dream-like, vocals entice you right from the songs humble opening right up to its receding and understated end.

Throughout Hearts Like Ours Jesse Wood’s drums keep the song driving forwards, never relenting or drawing undue attention to themselves, only coming to the fore during the crashing choruses. And to mix things up further, midway through the song guitarist and co-lead vocalist Thom Powers makes a welcome cameo on lead vocals during a cavernous, echoy and rhythmically dynamic section.

An very good and strong first choice for a single, Hearts Like Ours shows that the accompanying album has more than a little potential to do some damage in the charts and further expand the already huge fanbase of the Kiwi quintet.

You can see the music video for Hearts Like Ours below, and keep up to date with all the latest music and touring news at The Naked and Famous’ official website.

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