Abe Laboriel Jr set to release first solo single

Over the years Abe Laboriel Jr has shared the stage with many world famous musicians, backing artists such as Paul McCartney, Sting and Eric Clapton with his pounding drums and powerfully smooth vocals. However it is finally his turn to take center stage, releasing his brand new single Twee with his one-man band Sprinkle.

Abe’s first solo single Twee is hopefully an initial and tellingly tantalizing glimpse into the amazingly talented musicians solo career. An album has also been in the works, with Abe finally confirming via his official Twitter page that a digital download of the new album will be available ‘in a few weeks’.

It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what we can expect from the multi-instrumentalist. In his day job he can rock out harder than anyone and raise the roof with his screaming vocals, but the next minute his silky smooth backing vocals are washing over an audience. Kind of like the audio equivalent of sandpaper, expertly smoothing over any flaws with the lead vocal.

"Twee" single cover

Whichever way Abe has decided to go with Twee (my guess is ballad or something acousticy – but then who knows!), his first steps into his own solo career are sure to be as exciting for us as they are for him!

Be sure to check back to here for a review as soon as Twee is made available!

Update: Read my review of Twee here!

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