Single review: Sprinkle – Twee

With it’s pounding drums, thrashing distorted guitars and prominent gritty vocals, Twee is the brand new rocking single from multi-instrumentalist Abe Laboriel Jr’s one-man band Sprinkle.

Despite being one of the most sought after session musicians in the business and touring with musical icons including Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton, Abe has found time to sit down and write is own music. And the results are fantastic!

Utilizing his mega skills on the drums (which are absolutely first rate on the song), Abe shines on the guitar, bass and lead/backing vocals also. The lyrics are well written and the melody is drillingly memorable, a fantastic match to the break-neck music.

While the very title of Twee may initially lull you into the idea that it may be some kind of dainty, soft or…well, twee kind of song, it is in fact the polar opposite. The hard edged and somewhat angry and awkward-by-design single sees Abe trying to come to terms with his long-denied feelings about a girl.

Even the single cover is somewhat at odds with the crashing music, with a bright yellow background and a simple (yet scarily accurate) painted depiction of Abe’s face – complete with glowing grin and trademark beard!

Creative, memorable, rocking, melodic, hopefully Twee is a sign of what’s to come from Abe Laboriel Jr and Sprinkle. And what’s more is that this initial tellingly tantalizing glimpse into the amazingly talented musicians solo career has been made even more exciting by Abe’s confirmation on Twitter that a digital download of his new album will also be available ‘in a few weeks’.

You can download Sprinkle’s Twee via iTunes and keep up to date on the latest Abe Laboriel Jr news by following him over on his official Twitter account.

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