Paul McCartney reveals New tracklisting

With only around a month left until the release of Paul McCartney’s New, the first studio album of original material from the former Wings frontman in six years, he has revealed the tracklisting for the standard edition of the New album.

The announcement was made on Paul McCartney’s official website. It revealed all 12 tracks that would be on the standard edition as well as a list of producers, recording locations and total running length (46 mins 11secs, if you must know).

There will also be a deluxe edition of New featuring extra songs, however details on the extended release have yet to be revealed.

The standard New tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Save Us
  2. Alligator
  3. On My Way To Work
  4. Queenie Eye
  5. Early Days
  6. New
  7. Appreciate
  8. Everybody Out There
  9. Hosanna
  10. I Can Bet
  11. Looking At Her
  12. Road

Speaking about the upcoming release, Paul said: “It’s funny, when I play people the album they’re surprised it’s me. A lot of the tracks are quite varied and not necessarily in a style you’d recognise as mine. I didn’t want it to all sound the same. I really enjoyed making this album. It’s always great to get a chance to get into the studio with a bunch of new songs and I was lucky to work with some very cool producers. We had a lot of fun.”

The album features four different producers: Paul Epworth tackled the tracks Save Us and Queenie Eye, Ethan Johns worked on Hosanna and Early Days, Giles Martin (son of legendary Beatles producer George Martin) produced On My Way To Work, Appreciate, Everybody Out There, I Can Bet, Looking At Her and Road, while Mark Ronson took charge of Alligator and the albums first single New (review here).

Speaking about the producers he chose to work with, Paul said: “The original idea was to go to a couple of producers whose work I loved, to see who I got on with best – but it turned out I got on with all of them! We made something really different with each producer, so I couldn’t choose and ended up working with all four. We just had a good time in different ways.”

New will be released on October 14th in the UK and October 15th in the US, and is available to preorder from both Amazon and iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Paul McCartney reveals New tracklisting

  1. Simon Allot says:

    Very nice. Will you be posting a review of the entire album soon? Also I have emailed you regarding some singles I would like to see you review. Thank u. Simon Allott.

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