Single review: Robbie Williams – Shine My Shoes

Complete with a swinging beat, dampened piano and a big brass band, Shine My Shoes shows that Robbie Williams (and writing partner Guy Chambers) are more than capable of writing fun and exciting songs that stand alongside the abundance of age old swing classics.

The third single from his newly announced second swing album Swings Both Ways (full story here), Robbie’s Shine My Shoes is an explosive introduction to his highly anticipated followup venture into the genre.

Opening with rim-shots, finger-snaps and a nicely dampened piano, Robbie’s clean and crisp vocals sit nicely over the minimal verse instrumentation.

Drawing the verses to a close the excellently orchestrated brass band starts to build and explodes into action for the chorus. The chorus has the audience participation factor too, with plenty of obviously placed and catchily simple “hey hey hey’s” for people to join in with. It would fit nicely alongside some of his older hits in a live setting and would no doubt have the audience singing along.

Shine My Shoes is a strong final single for Swings Both Ways. It is very well produced and having brilliant instrumentation it boasts some fun hooks and drips with the trademark confident Robbie Williams swagger.

You can purchase Shine My Shoes  from iTunes, and be sure to keep up to date on all the latest Robbie Williams news over on his official website. You can also find my review for the first offering from Swings Both Ways Go Gentle here and the followup single Dream a Little Dream (with Lily Allen) here.

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One thought on “Single review: Robbie Williams – Shine My Shoes

  1. LFCGirl85 says:

    Shine My Shoes has been released to wet our appetites, but it is not the lead single. Anyone can download it now by pre-ordering the new album. The lead single is “Go Gentle” and according to his website is released on 04/11/13. Other than that it’s always good to see good reviews of his songs though thanks!

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