Album review: Sprinkle – Naked

The first solo album from Abe Laboriel Jr’s one-man-band Sprinkle, Naked is a venture into the crashing, thrashing and powerfully raw world of alternative rock.

As one of the most sought after session drummers in the music business, Abe has shared stages with artists including Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Sting. It was inevitable that after so many years of being around such creative and pioneering artists, some of that creativity would rub off on Abe.

Describing the album as a “trip to create”, Abe will no doubt pleasantly surprise the legions of casual music fans that will primarily associate him with the drums. Naked provides him with the perfect opportunity to show that he is no lightweight on the guitar and bass. His songwriting is also impeccable and you can feel his passion coming through with every thrashed guitar chord and every crashed cymbal.

At times sounding like a brilliant hybrid of Foo Fighters and U2, the music itself is raw fresh and very live sounding. The vocals are clean and positioned front and center on most songs, and that is it. There is no trickery and no pretense to the album. It is what is it.

The whole album has a powerfully strong in-your-face feel to it, however there are several standout tracks: the wonderfully introspective Less sounds like a classic U2 song, the albums lead single Twee is a melodic, breakneck rocker (full review here), and the gently honest Lay, featuring only a starkly clean electric guitar and heart wrenching lyrics, brings the album to a understated close.

You will be able to download Sprinkle’s Naked via iTunes from September 23rd, with the lead single Twee available to buy now. You can also keep up to date on the latest Abe Laboriel Jr news by following him over on his official Twitter account.



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