Single review: Gary Barlow – Let Me Go

The lead single from Gary Barlow’s new solo album Since I Saw You Last is the touchingly heartfelt Let Me Go. A folk-rock hybrid song, it revolves primarily around a swiftly fingerpicked guitar riff and thumping bass drum, building to a memorable and catchy chorus.

Perhaps capitalising on the renewal of interest that bands such as Mumford & Son’s have have brought to the shuffling folk rock style of music, Gary’s Let Me Go is another brilliant example of a song in that vein.

While he is usually the master of the straightforwards anthemic piano ballad, Gary’s venture into the genre is a welcome departure from the norm, displaying his undeniable talent and versatility.

Indeed it’s testament to Gary Barlow’s versatility that the last single he co-wrote and released was Robbie Williams’s infectious and self confident pop explosion Candy!

The tight and well phrased lyrics fit nicely into the musical frame created, dealing with the protagonist asking a lover to (as the song title suggests) let him go and explaining the gut wrenching rationale behind the decision.

The accompanying lyric video captures the rustic feel of the song nicely, showing either the words themselves or items cleverly representing the words. A proper music video has recently been filmed on the bustling streets of New York City.

Let Me Go will be released on November 17th with the album I Saw You Last being released through Polydor Records a week later on November 25th.

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