Single review: Paul McCartney – Queenie Eye

The second single from Paul McCartney’s latest solo album New is the trippy Queenie Eye. Bridging the gap between psychedelic-60’s-retro and innovative-up-to-date-modern, Queenie Eye is a very current record and one of Macca’s most catchy and memorable singles in years!

Opening with an oldy-worldy melotron on its strings setting (that sound charmingly fake), Paul and his vamping piano chords soon kick in setting out the chugging rhythm of the song.

Produced by Paul Epworth (who worked on Adele’s award winning “21” album and anthemic James Bond theme Skyfall) Queenie Eye sounds like a hybrid of The Beatles’ I Am The Walrus from their Magical Mystery Tour album, and Paul McCartney’s Monkberry Moon Delight from McCartney’s early solo album Ram.

The lyrics slip, skip magically along to great effect, and the phrasing of the psychedelic words help the song tumble jauntily from one section to the other.

Taking it’s name from the old schoolyard ballgame Queenie Queenie, who’s got the ball, Macca drew inspiration (and lyrics) from the chant:

Queenio, Queenio, who’s got the ballio?
I haven’t got it
It isn’t in my pocket
Queenio, Queenio, who’s got the ballio?

While the albums first single New was more a straightforwards radio friendly pop song, Queenie Eye has interesting twists and turns and plenty of hooks to catch the ear. For example, the the dense and intricate track falls away to a trance-like other worldly, almost spoken word section, before the drums and piano slowly fade back in for one more rapturous round of the infectious chorus.

So in summery, Queenie Eye is the perfect combination of retro and modern all rolled up into one explosive ball of feverishly catchy awesomeness!

You can read the review of New, the first single from the new album here.

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