What we could all learn from “Dance Moms” underdog Chloe Lukasiak

Finding fame doing what she does best on hit reality TV series Dance Moms, the quiet yet passionately talented Chloe Lukasiak has bravely faced and overcome many challenges in order to validate her crucial position in the award winning Abby Lee Dance Company, and in doing so has inspired countless other to work hard in order to achieve their dreams.

Let me rewind a little in order to explain. I was sat trying to find something to watch but there was literally nothing on. Nothing on the Discovery or History Channels, no Breaking Bad, no decent movies. Then I stumbled across a rather large lady shouting at a handful of small and cute yet slightly terrified looking kids. Sounds like a winner to me, that should pass some time until something else comes on!

That show turned out to be Dance Moms which centers around the goings on of the Abby Lee Dance Company. Run by overbearing dance teacher and choreographer Abby Lee Miller, the show follows her dance group as they rehearse and compete in various dance competitions around America.

Admittedly, this is not the most manly of subjects, however the constant drama and arguments of the dancers mothers quickly hooked me, and before long I was riding the emotional roller coaster along with everyone else. So much so that I ended up watching every episode over the course of three days, and I soon found myself rooting for the underdog of the ALDC: Chloe.

Aside from Chloe, the competitive dance group (currently) consists of Brooke, Paige, Nia, Kendall, Mackenzie and Abby’s star student Maddie.

And it is here where I think that Chloe can and will inspire a generation: While her best friend Maddie is undoubtedly massively talented she is also the favorite of Abby, often receiving special attention and preference to the other girls. While they are on the same team Chloe is often compared to Maddie and put up against her in competitions, however due to Maddie’s preferential treatment she often pips Chloe to the post and bags first place.

And in the words of their inimitable dance teacher; second place is the biggest loser!

But this doesn’t put Chloe off. The opposite in fact! Facing a constant uphill battle trying to reassert her worth in the elite, highly competitive group Chloe strives to step up to the plate and better herself. Does Abby always see the effort being put in? No. Does Abby heap praise upon her when she does notice the effort being put in? No. But that just makes her push herself even more.

But then ALL the girls work hard. While they are all the best of friends and try to push each other, they all essentially want to be number one. And none more so than Chloe, who is forever attempting to show the world that she is just as good if not better a dancer than her biggest rival Maddie.

There have been times when Chloe has put in her all only to have it all come crashing down thanks to the harshly honest criticisms of her dance teacher or maybe just simply by being bested. And you really do feel for her at these times. Tears may be shed, her loving mother Christi may have to comfort or console her, but never one to stew in her misery, Chloe soon picks herself up, dusts herself off and gets back in the saddle.

And her work pays off: she achieved a full scholarship for the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School’s modern dance program as well as deservedly winning a national title for a solo she performed at a major dance tournament. But will Chloe stop there? No, not at all. She aspires to eventually end up on Broadway or be a Rockette, and no one deserves all the success in the world and all the happiness it brings more than Chloe. Because while getting to the top is hard, she did it.

So in the end if you think there are hurdles that cannot be overcome, just remember…they can.

If you think you will never see the light at the end of that long and winding tunnel, just remember…you will.

And if in the face of all adversity, when the odds are stacked unfairly against you and you begin to doubt that you will ever be able to reach the stars…just remember: you can.

And Chloe is living proof of that.

To keep up to date on all the latest goings on in the world of Chloe, you can visit her official website, like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter or visit her Instagram. You can also keep up to date with her mom by following Christi Lukasiak’s official Twitter account.

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14 thoughts on “What we could all learn from “Dance Moms” underdog Chloe Lukasiak

  1. Carole Cook says:

    Loved the article! Chloe is fantastic, but so are the others – especially Brooke and Paige. I like Maddie’s dancing, but it always looks the same; same facial expressions, etc. Chloe is a winner without Flabby Lee.

    • Lisa says:

      Maddies dancing and facials look different to me

    • faye says:

      i say the same thing..if you seen Maddie dance once you see her dance.. every dance has same moves, and face, she ends every dance with the same, on the floor head tilted at judges, cradled on the top of her right hand, with that same far away look in her eyes and that huge smile on her face… While Maddie gets dance routines with beautiful leaps, turns, jumps, splits, and flips… Chloe gets dance routines where Abby has her rolling around on the floor, flipping, on the floor, stretching on the floor, maybe get up a couple of times for a quick turn then back twisting on the floor, never standing doing and showing off her beautiful turns, and flips, and jumps and leaps like Maddie gets to show… but even so Chloe comes in second place, and she accepts her trophy with a beautiful huge smile… and with her spirit for dance still intake.

  2. Jill says:

    I totally agree with this article. Well put!

  3. Dee buchanan says:

    I so agree with everything in this article. Chloe is great and Christi
    Is a wonderful supportive mother. Go Cho Go

  4. E A M says:

    I have more training than Abby Lee I have studied with Boston Ballet, Ellison, SAB, San Fransisco Ballet, Houston Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet and trained year round at Boston ballet and every professional ballet dancer whom stumbles across dance moms gets so mad that Abbey beats Chloe down when in reality CHLOE IS THE BEST with the most potential and best technique. Maddie is a good little competition dancer but has no control over anything and is in the wrong positions and pirouettes are cheated around 80% of the time… however Chloe maybe you don’t see her arabesque as high but its in the right position where as maddies is higher because its not directly behind her but cheated to the side and Abby not having enough training herself doesn’t know this difference! ( but when they are in a professional audition this will be seen) Chloe is such a beautiful little dancer and I truly hope Abby wakes up and sees that shes got the most potential in the girl! I hope Chloe goes to PBT after the show they would LOVE HER #TeamChloeForever

    I will also never forget seeing Chloe at YAGP before dance moms everyone was so impressed that she was so talented and even not being from a ballet studio! I remember saying wow this girl is going to be amazing when shes older—> And I was right!

    • Lisa says:

      Its ok to say chloe is a good dancer but why did you have to bring maddie into this? And maddie has improved and left chloe in the dust, just wait until season 4 you’ll see.

      • Josh Gill says:

        I think we can all agree that while everyone may have a favorite, ALL of the girls are massively talented and deserve to go on to do great things. And they no doubt will! 🙂

      • Laurie says:

        um you just did the same thing by bringing Chloe down.

      • JB says:

        The only one that has brought anyone down in the dusthas been Abby…….go team Chloe!

      • Sherry Bradley says:

        Duh Maddie was brought into it not with a put down but to say she was a good dancer and of course the most obvious rival to Chloe from within the team. Complimentary to Maddie. I never understand why some take offense to compliments to Maddie when they come along with anything that might be focused on Chloe. Yes the article focused on Chloe, hence the title, “Interview with Chloe..” it just happened to give Maddie some credit too. Why is that a thing to try to argue with? If you think you can mention Chloe and her struggle without mentioning Maddie, you don’t pay enough attention to the show.

    • You are so right! All that you say was illustrated at the episode which showed the audition at the Joffrey School of Ballet. The Joffrey judges found CHLOE to be the exceptionally talented natural dancer and gave her their scholarship. Maddie was an “excellent performer” but was shown her faults such as her inability to do a releve’ and her not performing clean sharp steps. When Maddie attempted to go up on her toes her legs and body shook like a big bowl of jelly! Both Maddie and her instruction were shown to be subpar in this episode.

      I don’t know Abby’s background except that her mother was a professional dancer. Was she a ballet dancer or was she more musical theater? Abby’s choreography is more musical theater than ballet. This may account for her choreography being weaker for Chloe’s lyrical pieces and the better choreography she gives to Maddie.

      I’m happy to see that someone who knows about dancing sees what I see and recognizes Chloe as the true dancing star of “Dance Moms”.

  5. Susan Tenentes says:

    Chloe is absolutely breathtaking and always has been. When I started watching dance moms, maddie and Chloe were abbeys favorites. As the years went on, and her mother, started getting nasty with abbey, and was constinetly drinking, abbey started treating Chloe badly. If Christi, would just keep her mouth shut, Chloe would have a chance with abbey. Can’t she see, she is killing Chloe’s future

  6. I feel bad for Maddie because of how Abby treats her. If Maddie is estranged from the other girls it’s due to Abby’s inappropriate treatment of her, her favoritism, her excessive praising of Maddie’s ability, and Abby’s constantly comparing them to Maddie, while she ignores their individual personalities and abilities. Abby’s behavior has become more erratic as the seasons progress. Now, at the end of season 4.5, Abby is psychotic. She only has eyes for Maddie and she ignores all her other dancers to pay attention to Maddie alone. Abby’s behavior is now much like that of a pedophile! She is using Maddie who is afraid not to spend 24 hours/day at the dance school for fear of displeasing Abby.

    If this is all about Reality Television and Abby’s behavior is just scripted for acting and ratings, the situation would not be so troubling. I don’t think this is the case. Kelly’s dismissal along with Paige and Brooke is all too real. Abby’s behavior is too real to be scripted. I’ve found it hard to determine who to dislike in the Dance Mom’s Snake Pit. In the first seasons the Dance Moms seemed to be out of line most of the time. I understood how difficult it can be to try to make young children attentive enough to train for an eventual profession in such a field.

    By now, the end of season 4.5, my opinion has turned around to where I sympathize with these moms. I thought Kelly was taking out her own frustrations on Abby, especially at the end of Nationals, when the girls won everything, and instead of being thrilled and celebrating the victories, Kelly sat crying in the dressing room and made the day all about her, crying about how this was the last time she’d see her girls dance, and how she was leaving the team.

    One season later I can sympathize with Kelly and wonder why ALL the dance moms don’t pick up and go as a group to another studio with a more qualified dance instructor. They may all have contracts but no court would uphold these contracts after watching Abby’s “teaching” style and erratic self-destructive behavior. Abby is no longer teaching her girls to dance. She is using them as targets for her own hate and frustration, abusing them and hurting them emotionally to make up for shortcomings in her own upbringing. The court system is not perfect but it is far from the small, insulated dance world which has put up with Abby’s abusiveness and psychotic behavior far too long only because of her mother’s reputation.

    Abby Lee Miller claims to have a track record of successfully turning out professional dancers. Has anyone tallied the number of prospective professional dancers Abby permanently turned off to dance because of her unrelenting abusiveness and criticism?

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