Brian Ray teams up with Clic to create exclusive shades

Brian Ray, co-founder of indie rock band The Bayonets and guitarist bassist for Paul McCartney, has teamed up with glasses company Clic to create an exclusive pair of shades, and is currently selling discount priced preview bundles on his website ahead of the holiday season.

Brian is offering a limited number of sneak preview pairs of the exclusive and stylish pairs of Clic glasses ahead of their release in 2014. It’s estimated the shades will retail for $49-$59 once they are available to the general public, so get your hands on them now!

The glasses are available in two slightly different bundles. Either of them would make an ideal gift for a family member, friend or even as a little treat for yourself over the holiday season!

The bundles contain:

  • Exclusive “Brian Ray Shades” designed by Clic. The shades have adjustable straps, making it easy to fit in your pocket or bag. The shades come in one color and include a “Brian Ray” watermark along the right lens. Each pair also says “Brian Ray Shades” on the inside of the stem.
  • Postcard sized photo of Brian with a biography on the back.
  • This Way Up or Mondo Magneto CD’s (depending on which bundle you select).

The bundles are on sale for only $45 (approx £28 or €33) on Brain Ray’s official store, a fantastic price for such an exclusive and rocking set of items. Which is cheaper than the glasses will be on their own then they are released next year! Every penny saved helps!

And to top it all off Brian has personally promised that all items will be shipped safe and fast, so there’s no need to worry that they wont get to you before Christmas (providing you order in good time, of course!)

Also while you’re there, why not head over to The Bayonets section of the store and bag yourself some new, high energy, electrifyingly infectious music to enjoy loud and proud over the Christmas period!

On a related note, it is an exciting time for The Bayonets: they have made a return to the studio to begin work on what will become their first full length album, and it wont be long until they learn if the music video for their first single Sucker For Love will be up for nomination for a Grammy award when the shortlist is revealed on 6th December.

Stay tuned for more news soon…

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