The Bayonets aim to achieve ‘Coolest Song In The World 2013’ title

Out of all 48 songs labelled the ‘Coolest Song In The World’ on Little Stevens Underground Garage radio show throughout the year, three of the five Bayonets singles were bestowed with the prestigious title. Now it is your chance to vote for your favorite of the many singles to be crowned ‘Coolest Song In The World 2013’.

The three Bayonets songs that made the list were Sucker For Love, Smartphone and Whatcha Got, and all three core members of the band would be grateful for your support in reaching the top of the poll. This is in itself is quite an achievement as it is the first time any band has had three “Coolest Songs In The World” going head to head for the overall yearly title.

Sucker For Love (show 572 – March 24, 2013) – The first single from The Bayonets was released (very appropriately) on Valentine’s Day. Sucker For Love is a 60’s tinged, bouncy and infectious track that has you hooked on its stark guitars, thumping drums and unadorned lyrics. (Full review here).

Smartphone (show 581 – May 19, 2013) – Where The Bayonets’ massively successful first single Sucker For Love was a straightforwards highly radio friendly and immensely commercial song, Smartphone displays the indie bands more earthy, grimy, and menacing side. (Full review here).

Whatcha Got (show 593 – August 11, 2013) – As the fourth in the string of five singles, The Bayonets’ Whatcha Got is a boastfully explosive, gritty and driven rocker, with both Brian Ray and Lucrecia Lopez Sanz jousting with their sizzling vocals as Oliver Leiber holds down the fort on drums. (Full review here).

All three songs were written and produced by Oliver Leiber and Brian Ray.

Whether any of the songs from The Bayonets win or not, they have still had a fantastic year, and despite initial indications that after the five singles that would be it for the band, all signs point to a bright future: The Bayonets have been in the studio writing and recording new material, and 2014 looks to be just as exciting (if not more so) than 2013!

You can cast your vote here as well as hearing samples of all the songs up for nomination.

AND REMEMBER: You are restricted to one vote every 24 hours, but each daily vote will be added to the overall tally. Voting ends on December 28th.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how lead singer Brian Ray had voted…

Happy voting, everyone!

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