And the Gary Barlow contest winners are…!

All you had to do to get your hands on a fantastic ‘Specials Edition’ of Gary Barlow’s new album was answer one simple question, and finally after a whole week of being inundated with contest entries the five lucky winners have been announced!

The exclusive contest was to celebrate the milestone first anniversary of comparethemarket‘s sponsorship of ITV’s Coronation Street, and having partnered with Gary Barlow and Aleksandr Orlov, comparethemarket kindly provided me with FIVE copies of Gary’s album to give away.

The contest question was…

What was the name of Gary Barlows’s FIRST solo album, and in what year was it released?

and the answer is…

Open Road which was released in 1997!

Congratulations to the following contest entrants for getting the right answer:

Sandra Booth
Hannah Campbell
Melissa McCarthy
Sara Nichols
Catherine Orton

Check your emails for details on how to claim your prizes!

The winner selection process was simple: the good old fashioned names on a piece of paper, folded up and put in a hat method. Can’t get much fairer than that!

The five lucky winners will be receiving a ‘Specials Edition’ of Gary Barlow’s new album Since I Saw You Last. It comes in a limited edition slip case depicting Gary and the meerkats on Coronation Street’s famous cobbles, and to top it off the package contains a letter directly from the desk of everyones favourite mascot Aleksandr Orlov.

Congratulations once again to Sandra, Hannah, Melissa, Sara and Catherine, and thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

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