The Bayonets’ “Smartphone” named #4 Coolest Song in the World 2013

Indie rock band The Bayonets have defied all odds and managed to bag 4th place Underground Garage radio station’s Coolest Song in the World 2013 competition with their rollicking rocker Smartphone.

Each week a different song would be named the Coolest Song in the World on the Underground Garage radio show, meaning that at the end of the year there would be over 50 different songs in the running to with the grand title of Coolest Song in the World 2013.

The competition was tough with thousands and thousands of votes flying in from around the globe, but after weeks of voting and with sheer fan power, The Bayonets’Smartphone landed in the impressive 4th place.

Coming first on the poll was Any Weather by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The number 2 spot went to Johnny Sincere by Deadbeat Poets and at number 3 was Start Sinning by John and Brittany.

Speaking about reaching number 4 in the poll, lead singer Brian Ray said: “Oliver and I are blown away by the fan support which led to such a great result. To even be in the top 10 placed beside artists with 40-50 year careers, record labels, managers, PR machines and big tours is an astounding result.

“It is a test and testament to the power of group energy, the group of indie music fans like the ones who posted and voted for us. It’s a huge honor to be in the personal Top 10 of the great, beloved DJs there at Sirius Station 21, the home of the coolest music on earth at The Underground Garage. Special thanks to the Whooray Team, Steven Van Zandt, Andrew Loog Oldham and Kid Leo, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Dennis Mortensen and the whole Garage family!”

Brian also took to Facebook to congratulate all the other nominees and thank fans from Bayonets co-founder Oliver Leiber and well as their revolving cast of contributing musicians, including (but not limited to) Lucrecia López Sanz, Scott G Shriner Adam MacDougall and Davey Faragher.

With news of a full album by the band in the pipeline, hopefully 2014 will be as productive and successful for The Bayonets as 2013 was.

As with all The Bayonets’ singles, Smartphone is available as an MP3 download to buy from, iTunes, Amazon, and wherever else fine digital music is sold.

You can read my full review of Smartphone here, and you also find out more about the band by visiting The Bayonets’ Wikipedia page.

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