Poem – ‘If I Was a Cowboy!’

Several years ago I decided that I’d write a book of childrens poems. It started off well enough but due to having a short attention span I only managed to write a few! Here is my latest attempt at a poem for kids, this time about being a cowboy!

If I Was a Cowboy

If I was a cowboy,
I’d invite you for a ride,
On my big old trusty horse,
That trots on by my side.

We’d mozy through the desert,
Chasing wayward cattle,
And underneath the burning sun
We’d continue to battle.

Our hats would get all dusty,
Our spurs get dirty too,
But we’d get the job done,
Just like we always do.

We’d stride into the town,
Around about high noon,
To grab ourselves a cold drink,
In the local saloon.

We’d meet a few nice girls,
We’d pick ourselves a fight,
We’d tip out dusty cowboy hats,
And leave into the night.

I’d stride back out of town,
You’d stroll right next to me,
Because if I was a cowboy,
I’d be happy as can be.

Enjoy this poem? Well if you did please check out my ‘Kids Poems’ section for more!

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One thought on “Poem – ‘If I Was a Cowboy!’

  1. send in to poetreecreations

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