First full Bayonets album finally confirmed

To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of The Bayonets’s first single Sucker For Love, co-founders Oliver Leiber and Brian Ray have confirmed that a full album is in the works and they are hoping to have it released by the summer.

In a newsletter on the bands official website they confirmed that the album would feature 5 brand new songs as well as the 5 singles they put out throughout the course of 2013: Smartphone, Vagabond Soul (featuring Steven Tyler), Whatcha GotBig Man Down and of course Sucker For Love.

The as of yet unnamed album will be released worldwide on Robo Records and distributed worldwide by Universal Music. It may be put out on a variety of media including digital download, CD, limited edition vinyl and possibly even a thumb drive, though they are open to suggestions from fans.

2013 was a full and successful year for They Bayonets, hopefully 2014 will turn out to just as successful – if not more so!

You can read the full newsletter from Brian and Oliver here. Also sure to visit the bands official website or view their Wikipedia page! The five singles released in 2013 are available to buy from the official website, iTunes, Amazon, and many other vendors of fine music!

Be sure to check back here as well as The Bayonets’ official website for the very latest news!

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