Paul McCartney to resume Out There tour with UK shows?

The internet is awash with rumors that Wings legend Paul McCartney is heading back out on the road, and all signs are pointing to him resuming his massively successful Out There tour with long overdue shows in the UK.

Paul McCartney’s Out There tour first kicked off in Belo Horizonte in Brazil in May 2013, and since the first show he has put on 32 shows playing to over 780,000 people and raking in $105,000,000 in the process.

Unfortunately Macca has failed to bring the show to a home crowd, with his first full length proper concert being in 2011 when he brought his On The Run tour to a close in his hometown of Liverpool (review here). However if rumors are to be believed the Out There tour will soon be heading to the UK.

Several sources have being dropping hints regarding potential UK shows: the first source with contacts in the Macca-touring-circle said: “I’ve been told spring and early summer by the person that books the shows”. The second independent source also backed up these claims, saying “be ready for late May/Early June.”

There have already been successful negotiations to bring Paul back the South America for the fifth year in a row, though the dates have yet to be officially confirmed.

However British McCartney fan Francesca Jones (@FranksterJones) remains sceptical, saying: “it’s just so hard to be hopeful when we’ve been let down quite a bit. I don’t understand why Paul has to play South America again. It’s ridiculous. We haven’t seen him for years and then there’s Australia who have been begging for Paul to come over for 21 years!”

You can keep up to date with all the latest Paul McCartney news on his official website, by following him on Twitter or by liking him on Facebook.

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9 thoughts on “Paul McCartney to resume Out There tour with UK shows?

  1. Gabi says:

    Its sad to see a fan complaining that Paul is playing somewhere else. Shows in South America doesnt interfere on show in the UK. He usually plays there in August or December, and he always comes by late April or May. And we spent 17 years without Paul, from 1993 till 2010.

    • Josh Gill says:

      I think it’s the regularity that he goes there that annoys non-South American fans. Especially when there are many other parts of the world that have not seen him for a long time. Not to mention Australia hasn’t seen him on their shores in nearly 21 years…that beats Argentina’s record!

      • Gabi says:

        He comes back because his shows are very lucrative to him and to the whole country. He plays in big stadiums and people from all around the continent comes to see him. Last time in Goiania, even the government was involved. If he didn´t play in Australia or UK, it´s not our fault, we have nothing to do with it. And I´m not from Argentina. 🙂

      • Josh Gill says:

        I’m not saying anything is anyone’s fault, but considering how wealthy Paul already is it seems daft and more than a little greedy that he chases the money to places he has played year in year out for 5 years now

  2. Gabi says:

    BTW he´s not the one that decides it. there´s a whole company build just for it. so yes they think of profits just like any other company. well he would go for a place that has no return. He goes every year to US too, why that was not mentioned? Just saying.

  3. mccartney is a shadow of what he was these days and his singing is dreadful..i hope he stays away from the UK to be sick of trying to defend his crappy voice .

  4. actually thinking about it there is a perfect compromise here..paul should play the ‘falkland islands’..both south america AND the UK seem to think they own the place ,so it should keep both territories happy..also mccartney loves being followed by ‘sheep [just check out his website] and its true they do get cranky and weird as they get older!…..the falklands by all accounts is full of sheep !

  5. Javilu says:

    Shut up already you whiners. From 2010 on Paul never performed in the same city twice in South America, so technically he’s performing to new audiences everytime he comes here. For those of you who failed Geography: South America is not a city, it is a whole bunch of countries with lots of cities in them. And Paul is going to most of these cities for the very first time in his career. Cheers.

  6. JanSS234 says:

    Why should Paul play in the UK when clearly his fan base there is so small nowadays? His UK fanbase used to be huge but it’s mostly abandoned him. Why? Because of a 5 minute gig at the Olympics and 10 minutes at the Jubilee where he committed the sin of sounding old.

    Where were his UK fans when New was released?

    His New album sold much much better in the US and South America, Canada, Japan, and several European countries than it did in the UK. The reviews for New were strong everywhere but in the UK. All he gets from the UK is nasty comments about his voice and his hair and his ex-wife. I doubt ticket sales would be all that strong in the UK since so many people seem so determined to tell him he “can’t sing anymore.” Why should he risk the embarrassment of poor or slow sales when his UK fans have proven to be fairweather fans.

    He should go where he’s wanted: The US, Asia, South America, and parts of Europe.

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