Drummer Abe Laboriel Jr’s website finally goes live

Having played alongside some of the worlds greatest musicians including (but not limited to) Sir Eric Clapton and Sir Paul McCartney, and having written, recorded and released his debut album “Naked”, mega drummer Abe Laboriel Jr’s long awaited website has finally gone live to the world.

The website, which can be found here, opens with a slideshow of photos, the most striking of which being a series of shots of Abe grooving with his drums in the desert, taken by music photographer Rob Shanahan (@shanahanphoto).

The website itself contains a whole host of fun things: biography, a timeline of Abe’s long and illustrious career, album credits, and even a photo gallery of the drummer both as a small boy and growing up, playing alongside his various bands and musicians.

There is also a section of the website labelled ‘stuff’, and although the drummer hasn’t any solid plans as to what he will be filling that particular page with yet he would welcome suggestions as to what to include and how to further improve his already fantastically sleek website.

You can read my review of Abe’s album “Naked” here, and the lead single Twee here. You can also tweet and follow Abe on his official Twitter account.

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2 thoughts on “Drummer Abe Laboriel Jr’s website finally goes live

  1. Bárbara says:

    heeey Abe

  2. Adam David says:

    Hey Josh,
    2017 ‘Inaugural’ Greetings. (yiiikes – lord help the U.S.A. …and the planet!)
    Much appreciated if you’re able to pass this along to drummer extraordinaire, Abe Laboriel Jr. A couple of years back, I was playing an informal, outdoor gig in a popular, urban Toronto shopping district. Mr. Laboriel was out strolling, noticed the trio and stopped to acknowledge us (we exchanged facial contortions of recognition… a nice drummer moment) I imagine he was in town with Paul McCartney.
    Anyway, I wanted to express how much of a fan I’ve become of his playing. He simply makes every artist he works with sound stellar. Been recommending his vast discography as essential listening for my students.
    I actually came to know his father’s playing quite well… back in the 80’s, I studied/played around L.A. (Ray Charles, Tommy Newsom, Jimmy Rowles, Charles Brown) and heard him
    frequently with Jeff Lorber… a seminal time for me.
    So, if opportunity every presents, kindly let Abe know his playing continues to inspire…
    his huge energy, incredibly relaxed grooves/technique and tasteful underplaying have all contributed to a new chapter in the growth of my own playing.
    If he’s ever back in the Toronto area, I’d be thrilled to meet up, grab a drink/meal and… hang!
    All the best, thanks Josh.
    Much obliged,

    Adam David
    drumdog prod

    e: drumdog@sympatico.ca
    w: drumdog.org *site under construction, up soon.

    sorry, no facebook or twitter at this time.

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