Single review: Lily Allen – L8 CMMR

A new track from Lily Allen’s upcoming album Sheezus, L8 CMMR (pronounced ‘Late Comer’) is a cheekily fun bubblegum electropop tune that is Lily’s deceleration of love and lust towards her male muse.

While deliberately heavy handed on autotune, this only serves to make L8 CMMR even more of an  infectious summery, uplifting kind of song. The chorus is bouncy and the lyrics are typically explicit, bluntly direct yet fun.

While the attitude of the song is a thoroughly up to date, modern one, L8 CMMR‘s tinny drums and stabbing, excited synths, give it a retro ‘old school’ throwback feel. Indeed the accompanying lyrics video is a giant nod to the ‘old school’ computer games of years gone by, complete with a little 8-bit Lily character! You can see the lyrics video at the end of this post.

While the songs jokey/sugary/self deprecating lyrics don’t plunge the depths of the human psyche or explore the vast expanses of the soul or anything like that, they are still no doubt heartfelt and as close to a love ballad as we are likely to get from Lily Allen!

L8 CMMR will be available on the album Sheezus, due for release on May 26th.  You can also get hold of it on the Girls soundtrack album Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do.

You can keep up to date with Lily Allen over on her official website or by following her official Twitter account.

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One thought on “Single review: Lily Allen – L8 CMMR

  1. I’m not feeling this. Its too over produced and I’ve never been a fan of autotune. Lil….

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