The Bayonets are back with a #CrashBoomBang!

Brian Ray, lead singer of indie rock band The Bayonets, has taken to Twitter  ahead of the release of their first full album to  tease fans with exclusive new lyrics and even a song title.

With The Bayonets’ album well under way and set for a late spring/early summer release, fans have been baying for more music since the release of their final two singles Whatcha Got and Big Man Down in the fall of 2013.

Brian and band co-founder Oliver Leiber have been back in the studio for some time now, and Brian has been keeping fans semi-abreast of how the recording process is going, posting various photos of the studio and the vast array of musical equipment the band have at their disposal.

The lead singer and guitarist also took to his official Twitter account (here) to post the following tantalizing lyric:

When asked about the intriguing hashtag, Brian said: “New song title, bro! It’s a killer diller, no filler!”

The song title Crash Boom Bang may have origins as far back as 2012, when in an interview with Los Angeles morning TV show ‘Good Day L.A.’ Brian mentioned he was working with Oliver Leiber, saying: “We’re doing something called ‘Crash Boom Bang’, a new side project, it’s gonna be exciting!” This project more than likely morphed into The Bayonets that we know and love today.

You can keep up to date with all the latest Bayonets news over on their official website.

ALSO come and join in the fun on Twitter by following The Bayonets’ official account here and using the hashtag #CrashBoomBang!

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