Paul McCartney to return to the iconic Budokan, Tokyo?

Sir Paul McCartney is rumored to be making a trip back to Tokyo, Japan, to play the iconic Nippon Budokan – 48 years after The Beatles were the first musicians to play the venue amid a barrage of protests from Japanese nationalists.

The Beatles played a series of shows at the Budokan in June and July 1966, however their appearances were met with strong opposition from those who felt the appearance of a western pop group would defile the martial arts arena. Since The Beatles set the precedent, many musicians have played there. McCartney has sporadically toured Japan over the years, most recently in November 2013, however he has never returned to the unique venue.

The source, with contacts on the inside of Macca’s touring circle, said: “He’s wanted to play the Budokan for a while. I don’t think he could work it into his schedule while he was in Japan last November, but I think it’s more of a viable option now that is definitely being considered.” Although the source was quick to add: “One thing fans must remember is that nothing is official until is it confirmed by the man himself!”

The Budokan rumor comes as McCartney resumes his Out There tour, with a number of South American shows already been confirmed. Sadly with every South American show confirmed and rumor reported, word of any UK/Europe shows are slowly but surely fading, once again leaving fans increasingly baffled and frustrated by his neglect.

You can keep up to date with Paul over on his official website or by following him on Twitter.

The Budokan

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