The Bayonets’ upcoming album recording roundup! (with photo gallery)

The Bayonets' upcoming album recording roundup! (with photo gallery)With their album set for release sometime in the next few months, The Bayonets have wrapped up the bulk of recording and are getting down to the nitty gritty of refining the highly anticipated final product.

Drummer Oliver Leiber and lead singer/guitarist Brian Ray have been joined in the studio by a rotating cast of other like minded musical monsters, including Black Crowes keyboardist Adam MacDougall and master mixer/engineer Marc DeSisto.

Brian recently teased lyrics to one of the newly recorded songs, tweeting: “I can see the road sign, Danger straight ahead, If I were smart, I’d turn around but I’m going there instead #CrashBoomBang”. When asked about the intriguing hashtag, Brian said: “New song title, bro! It’s a killer diller, no filler!”

He also took to Facebook, posting: “Oliver and I finished recording the final song for our upcoming CD for The Bayonets last night. The song is all about excess and such…We have no experience with excessive behavior but we can only imagine.”

These newly recorded songs are set to sit alongside the five singles released throughout 2013: Sucker For Love, Smartphone, Vagabond Soul (feat Steven Tyler), Whatcha Got and Big Man Down.

Stay tuned for an album review, coming ASAP…!

You can keep up to date with all the latest Bayonets news over on their official website. You can also come and join in the fun on Twitter by following The Bayonets’ official account and using the hashtag #CrashBoomBang!

Here are several photos from Brian’s official twitter account and his official Instagram account documenting the recording process:

Oliver Leiber, Adam MacDougall, Brian Ray and engineer Marc DeSisto

Guitars used during the recording sessions

Adam MacDougall preparing to record

Adam MacDougall playing a 1960′s Vox Continental organ

A set of bongos used during the recording sessions

Brian Ray’s trusty Gibson Les Paul Junior TV

Oliver Leiber’s mixing console that will pull all the madness together

#CrashBoomBang promo lyrics digi-poster

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