Brian Ray speaks out about his 27 years of sobriety

Brian Ray speaks out about his 27 years of sobrietyBrian Ray, guitarist/bassist for Sir Paul McCartney and co-founder/lead singer of indie band The Bayonets, has taken to Facebook to speak out about his sobriety and his 27 years of clean living.

Despite living the rock and roll lifestyle and sharing stages with artists suck as Keith Richards, Santana, Mylène Farmer and Johnny Hallyday and most famously Etta James and Sir Paul McCartney, Brian made the conscious effort to straighten up and fly right (as the old song goes!)

But you don’t have to live the stereotypical rock and roll lifestyle full of loud music and crazy parties to be affected by drink and drugs.

Over 15 million Americans are dependent on alcohol, with a staggering 500,000 being between the ages of 9 and 12. Alcohol companies spend over $2 billion on advertising and marketing to promote their products, leading to Americans spending an average of $90 billion per year on alcohol. There are also on average 7.9% of Americans ages 12 and upwards that regularly use marijuana and other illicit drugs.

In an effort to raise awareness and show people that pulling your life back together can be done, Brian posted a personal and heartfelt message of hope and inspiration on his Facebook page:

Here it goes…

Today ~ April 1st, 2014 I celebrate 27 years of sobriety. I never talk about this on a public level and I don’t broadcast my personal stuff on social media very often but I am moved to say how grateful I am for this life I have today. I’m not looking for congratulations here, it was just a choice I made and I respect other people’s choices too.

If I am any good to anyone, if I am any good as an employee or employer, brother, son, uncle, musician or friend, it is all because I believed in and practiced what I was shown by some good hearted people who put up with my feral self 27 years ago just long enough to show me a better way to live (thanks, Bill, Bob and Lois, Pat, Jeff and Scott, et al). It was hard fought and it isn’t always pretty.

When I stopped getting high I thought my best days were behind me. That is clearly not the case. Today is way better than the ‘good old days’ ever were.

Thanks, y’all.

PS. That would have been an awesome April Fools joke, but it isn’t.

You can find more information about help becoming sober on the Alcoholics Anonymous website in the US and the NHS Alcohol Support and the Alcoholics Anonymous websites in the UK. There is also plenty to read on TheSite’s Drink and Drugs Information page.

You can find Brian Ray’s official Facebook page here and like his official Twitter account here. Alternatively you could visit his official website.

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3 thoughts on “Brian Ray speaks out about his 27 years of sobriety

  1. You’re a good man, Brian Ray!
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the music.


  2. Thanks for sharing, this does really help me, and encourage me to live a better life, life does seem a lot longer when you can remember everything !
    Have so much enjoyed your music that your sis shares ! Remembering house sitting your place with Roxanne , your cats, and guitars, so cool!
    Rox’s sis Lisa

  3. Eric Malins says:

    God bless you Brian. You are both courageous and inspirational. I am touched by your story and feel we are so blessed to have you among us. Rock on my friend!

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