Short story – Rupert the Incognito Owl

Short Story - Rupert the Incognito OwlHave you ever found yourself getting overly suspicious whenever you see an owl? It’s those big eyes and twisty heads. Terrifying, I’m sure you’ll agree. But let’s pause for a moment and look at if from an owls point of view. Or more specifically Rupert the owl’s point of view.

Rupert was, quite frankly, sick of the funny and suspicious looks he was drawing as he went about his owl business. He couldn’t go to the bank, go out for a meal or even create stencils with his super accurate beak without finding beady eyes peering at him. Even Peter the tramp was wary of him. And Peter’s wary of no one. Fact.

So one day Rupert made a stand. He decided that he wanted to blend in with the crowd. So he zipped into the amusing and amazing disguise store and purchased an amusing and amazing disguise. And a magnificent one it was too. Glasses, eyebrows, moustache and nose all topped off with a pleasant fez (not to be confused with the overly friendly species of bird the pleasant pheasant).

Strolling out of the store he garnered not one look. Not one. No one paid him any attention. At all. In the world. Rupert was finally just another face in the crowd and quite frankly he loved it. Bounding down the street he felt like the happiest owl in the history of owl kind, and as a treat he thought he would treat himself to an espresso from Starbucks. “An espresso?!” I hear you cry? Yes. An espresso. For Rupert was hardcore.

After draining his several espressos (he got overexcited and ordered 15) Rupert left Starbucks and moonwalked down the street. Suddenly he heard a voice: “money please…chuck a few coppers my way!” Rupert recognised that voice anywhere. That’s right, it was Peter the tramp. Walking up to him Rupert rummaged in his owl satchel and offered him some pennies. Grateful for this kind and sizeable donation Peter was all like, “thank you gov’ner, god bless you, such a kind soul you are!” Pleased at the positive reaction Rupert whipped his disguise off, hoping to surprise Peter the tramp by revealing his true identity and thus showing him no one had to be suspicious of him.

It was a surprise alright. Peter the tramp just narrowed his eyes suspiciously. Rupert felt demoralised.

The moral of the story?

Owls have feelings too.
And disposable income.
And an unhealthy caffeine addiction.

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