Single review: Morrissey – World Peace is None of Your Business

World Peace is None of Your Business is the first single from Morrissey’s long awaited album of the some name, featuring Morrissey staying true to his bitter form and scorning the modern society and inequality.

A fast paced, clicky rhythmic section opens the song that builds to incorporate sparse, muted, thudding drums. It soon  falls away as Morrissey’s reverb-soaked, lamentful crooning comes washing in.

The song soon picks up as the drums kick in, however the fast pace is offset by the slow, trailing vocal. This works to great effect: an up-tempo song that allows the listener to slowly absorb the lyrics while not dragging or going on for too long.

The verses are neat and clean and the swelling choruses ring with crashing cymbals. The entire thing being brought to a fading close with a thudding timpani drum rhythm.

While World Peace is None of Your Business may not be to the taste of music fans everywhere, it is pretty classic Morrissey, featuring many of the trademarks usually associated with a Morrissey song. It is bound to please the fans that have stuck with him through thick and thin.

You can buy the single now, and the album “World Peace is None of Your Business” will be available on July 15th on the Harvest/Capitol record labels.

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