Single review: Kasabian – Eez-eh

Kasabian’s Eez-eh is a fast paced single brimming with a nightmarish excitement. A melding of rave, rock and the electronic experimentation that characterised their début album, Eez-eh has a fun and almost anthemic swagger to it.

With tongue-in-cheek swipes at current issues ranging from the horse meat scandal to crime to spying. Guitarist Serge Pizzorno described the song as “a conversation that me and Tom [Kasabian lead singer]  might have at five or six in the morning. There have been so many nights in hotel rooms where me and Tom will stay up all night talking and it’s about that.”

The song opens with 4-bars that set the electronically exciting musical tone of the track, rising and falling while never relenting for a single second until smashing to a close leaving nothing but a reverberating howl to trail off into silence.

Eez-eh is the lead single from Kasabian’s upcoming album “48:13”, and you can see the single’s accompanying music video at the end of this post.

To keep bang up to date with all the latest Kasabian news, be sure to head over to their official website.

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