Single review: Jack White – Lazaretto

Single review: Jack White - LazarettoJack White’s new single Lazaretto is an excited whirlwind of grungy riffs and sizzling, well delivered vocals that was recorded, pressed and released in just short of 4 hours to celebrate the annual Record Store Day.

Centred around a killer buzzing riff, Lazaretto is the lead single of Jack White’s upcoming album of the same name. The simplicity of the track makes it sound like a spontaneous, off the cuff and catchy jam, however it is this spontaneity that makes the song feel like it rambles on, not really going anywhere and starting to sag somewhat.

That is not to say it is not an enjoyable listen, and the perfectly clean and clear production only maximises the intriguing simplicity of it.

Lazaretto is an interesting experiment, a fun song, but possibly should have been left as an album track as opposed to being released as a single. But then again as with much of Jack White’s music, it can be very subjective and polarising: people will either love it or hate it.

Still, the speed in which the single was recorded and released is testament to the superhuman musical skills and abilities of Jack White himself, and as such should be applauded.

You can keep up to date with Jack White by visiting his official website.

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