Single review: Twin Atlantic – Heart and Soul

Single review: Twin Atlantic - Heart and SoulThe new single from the Scottish rock band is the rockingly fun Heart and Soul, featuring a grungy guitar and bass riff, a stadium-rocking chorus and an effervescent, soaring Scottish vocal from Sam McTrusty.

A blend of indie, punk, blues and rock (with more than a few hints of Jack White or The Black Keys thrown in for good measure), Heart and Soul is a fine amalgamation of these individual elements.

The one thing that makes the track really stand out from the crowd though is Sam’s distinctly thick Scottish accent. Delivered in a direct and genuine way, he doesn’t even try to conceal the accent, instead letting it shine through and become a kind of hook in its own right.

Lyrically the song is a little bland, but why should that matter? It’s not like they’re writing a dissertation or thesis. If a song makes you feel good, gets you moving and wanting to sing along too then it has done its job. And Heart and Soul just does have a good atmosphere that you can’t help enjoying.

A fun summer song, Heart and Soul seems to be made for the festivals, to be played loudly and to an audience of semi-drunk music lovers enjoying every second of the experience. Indeed the songs relatively straight forwards chorus seems destined to have thousands of people singing along together.

The single comes from Twin Atlantic’s upcoming album Great Devine, due out mid-August.

You can keep up to date with the band by visiting their official website or following them on their official Twitter account.

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