Single review: The Bayonets – Crash Boom Bang

Single review: The Bayonets - Crash Boom BangThe first single from The Bayonets’ highly anticipated new album, Crash Boom Bang amalgamates the excited pop of Sucker For Love and the edgy grit of Smartphone into a rocky and catchily fiery punch to the gut.

And you’re going to love it!

A nicely distorted, simple riff welcomes you to the song and soon enough you find Brian’s cheeky vocals soar over a cacophony of thudding drums and stabbing staccato guitar chords. The inclusion of a Vox Continental organ during the choruses gives the song a 60’s throwback vibe while maintaining the undeniable and uninhibited modern indie twist.

Towards the end of the song the key change sees a screaming harmonica solo rise up in the middle of some nifty guitar breaks, tearing loose and giving the song an additional flavor while providing a strangely euphotic climax ahead of one last chorus that comes to a close with one final right hook.

As well as being on lead vocals, Brian Ray also handles harmony vocals, guitars and the cathartic harmonica. He is backed up by Bayonets co-founder Oliver Leiber on drums and percussion, and the lovely Lucrecia Lópes Sanz on harmonies and background vocals.

Extra background vocals come from Weezer bassist Scott Shriner and bass duties go to Davey Faragher of Elvis Costello’s backing band. Finally The Black Crowes keyboardist Adam MacDougall contributs the gorgeous sounding Vox Continental organ and upright piano.

Crash Boom Bang was recorded and mixed by Joe Zook at Ollywood Studios and Bad Manors in California, with Lucrecia’s vocals being captured at Del Abasto Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Addition engineering came from Marc DeSisto.

A good old rocker at heart, Crash Boom Bang will fit nicely alongside The Bayonets’ previous songs, proudly sitting shoulder to shoulder to their original big high energy hitters Sucker For LoveSmartphone and Whatcha Got.

The new single will be released on June 16th from many different music vendors, including Amazon, iTunes and The Bayonets’ official website.

You can follow The Bayonets on their official Twitter account (and join in the conversation by hashtagging your tweets with #crashboombang) or liking their official Facebook page. Also be sure to keep visiting their official website in order to keep up to date with The Bayonets and their music.

Be sure to keep checking back for a comprehensive review of the full album Crash Boom Bang, coming soon!

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One thought on “Single review: The Bayonets – Crash Boom Bang

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