An early leak and a successful week for The Bayonets

An early leak and a successful week for The BayonetsIncreasingly popular indie band The Bayonets have burst their way back onto the music scene this week with their brand new single Crash Boom Bang! The song found its way online several days ahead of it’s official release, however it was quickly dubbed this weeks ‘Coolest Song in the World’ by Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show.

The leak came when Crash Boom Bang! unintentionally ended up available to buy on Spotify three days before it should have been. Quickly discovering the leak and rectifying the situation, lead singer and guitarist Brian Ray said: “I learned it was our A&R guy, Rob who did it by accident! There was some confusion setting it up on Friday for Sunday release and it went up immediately.”

Fortunately the leak did not have an impact on the effect of the single when it was officially released, with thousands of fans buying the track within the first few hours. One of the fans, radio show host and Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steven Van Zandt, liked it so much that he very quickly named it the ‘Coolest Song in the World’ on his Underground Garage radio show on SiriusXM. As such it is automatically enter into the top 20 and be played on maximum rotation.

However this is not the first Bayonets song labelled the ‘Coolest Song in the World’ by Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show. Out of the five singles they released over the course of 2013 both Sucker For LoveSmartphone and Whatcha Got all got dubbed with the title.

And in addition to all of this, they released a music video for Crash Boom Bang! …Watch it below!

You can follow The Bayonets on their official Twitter account(and join in the conversation by hashtagging your tweets with #crashboombang) or liking their official Facebook page. Also be sure to keep visiting their official website in order to keep up to date with The Bayonets and their music.

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