New Rusty Anderson Afternoon music is in the works

New Rusty Anderson Afternoon music is in the worksRusty Anderson Afternoon lead singer, founder and namesake Rusty Anderson has revealed that all new, long awaited music is finally in the works and seemingly in the final stages of being prepared ahead of its release.

The band, consisting of Todd o’Keef on bass, Petur Smith on drums, and of course Rusty Anderson front and center on guitar, released their last single, the graceful and heartfelt Effortless (full review here) over a year ago on 30th April 2013, so new music from the band is long overdue.

However when questioned whether we would be hearing any more from the band any time soon, Rusty enthusiastically replied with: “you betcha! We’re just working getting mixes and artwork together as we speak!”

So fingers crossed and assuming all goes well and according to plan, we should be in for some exciting new music from the trio in the very near future!

You can keep up to date by visiting Rusty Anderson’s official website, following him on Twitter account or liking his official Facebook page.

Rusty Anderson Afternoon

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