The Bayonets announce their record release party

The Bayonets announce their record release partyWith a release date for their debut album Crash Boom Bang! set and fast approaching, The Bayonets’ have announced that an intimate record release party is to be held Hollywood’s throwback No Vacancy bar on July 24th. And to sweeten the deal even further…it’s FREE (on a first come, first served basis!)

With room for only 150 people, No Vacancy will host the part of the year ahead of the release of The Bayonets’ Crash Boom Bang! on Tuesday, July 29th. The joint will undoubtedly be packed and rocking, so make sure you’re there early before there literally are no vacancies left!

Doors open at 7:30, with the band playing a whirlwind set at around 8:30, performing some brand new songs as well as some of the classics that have brought them such success over the past year-and-a-half. After the performance there will also be a Q&A with one of LA’s longest serving DJ’s.

Some exclusive merchandise will also be sold at the release party, including early editions of the new album, t-shirts and ladies black “boy shorts” with a Crash Boom Bang! logo emblazoned on the back.

Instead of charging for tickets The Bayonets’ will be accepting donations that will go to the Adopt The Arts charity, which gives musical instruments to the inner city schools in Los Angeles, allowing them to run with their musical dreams. You can visit the Adopt The Arts official website here. A worthwhile cause if ever there was one!

In a recent newsletter lead singer Brian Ray showed his gratitude for the ongoing support: “The reason we do this, the reason this endeavor works at all is because of the power of good independent listeners like you, with the help of brave DJ’s and radio programmers everywhere who are willing to spin something new in hopes of giving and getting that fix we all want: Some good rock music with a little bit of spice and a whole lotta fun.

You can keep up to date with The Bayonets on their official website. Also be sure to check out No Vacancy’s official website for directions and to get a feel of the unique venue before the big night! A review of the night should be coming shortly after!

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