Album review: Rusty Anderson Afternoon – Rusty Anderson Afternoon II

Album review: Rusty Anderson Afternoon - Rusty Anderson Afternoon IIRusty Anderson Afternoon II is a well made made six-song whirlwind tour of several different styles of music. From the heavy riff driven rocker to the cowboy tinged acoustic stomper to simple, easy pop song, Rusty Anderson Afternoon II should have something for everyone. 

However while the styles vary this isn’t to say that the album sounds disjointed and jumpy. In fact it flows very well from one style to the other taking long yet logical steps between each song. And even if you were to listen to the whole album out of sequence there is still a certain constant that makes each track nice and uniform.

I’ll take a brief look at each the individual songs on Rusty Anderson Afternoon’s (almost) eponymous Rusty Anderson Afternoon II:

Effortless – We are welcomed to the album by Effortless: the easy, retro-sounding rocker. Serving as the the first single from the new album, Effortless perfectly and appropriately displays how the band can take a complicated and intricate song and make it sound simple, fluid and timeless. (Full review of the single here)

Points of Interest – A driving and poppy rocker, Points of Interest boasts a simply catchy chorus and some expert guitar work. As well as there being heaps of retro sounding guitars there are also some thoroughly interesting effects going on at points in the vocals, whirling and panning rapidly from the left and right sides.

I’m Not In Love – Originally written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman of 10cc, Rusty Anderson Afternoon provide a fairly faithful cover of I’m Not In Love. Rusty’s vocals are warm and the wonderfully clean electric guitars cut through the shimmering pad of organ and fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

Modern History – The heaviest track on the album, Modern History is a blistering rock song complete with a stinging tapped riff and thumping drums. Thundering and storming along the song only relents every now and again for a drum and vocal break towards the end of the chorus before the riff whips the track back into action. A real ‘guitarist’ song!

Hello Trouble – With it’s dusty Wild West guitars and lonesome harmonica, Hello Trouble is a very simple and a nice step down after the screaming Modern History. Hello Trouble is a mid tempo foot-tapper for the most part, however the final minute of the track descends into a swinging yet cheekily menacing saloon style affair complete with honky-tonk piano and tipsy vocals.

Little One – A surprising yet low key closer in a similar vain to the previous track, Little One is understated yet an absolute album highlight. Written for his daughter Lola, Rusty puts in a very vintage sounding Elvis Presley-esque vocal, making Little One one of his most jaunty, easy going, bouncy and friendly songs to date. The sweet lyrics and music match each other perfectly and the songs general feel-good factor will leave you wanting more.

Coming in at under half an hour in length, Rusty Anderson Afternoon II is a fine collection of the songs and definitely has a replayability factor due to the nicely diverse selection of styles. While there is hopefully more music in the pipeline, this is more than enough to tide you over and keep you interested until their next offering

Head over to the bands official website or iTunes to download Rusty Anderson Afternoon II. Also don’t forget to keep up to date with Rusty and the band by visiting Rusty’s Twitter and/or Facebook page.

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