The Bayonets go from strength to strength

The Bayonets' go from strength to strengthSince The Bayonets’ début album Crash Boom Bang! hit the world at the end of July, the band have gone from strength to strength. Live appearances and an increasing interest in the indie band’s music has meant that The Bayonets are fast becoming one of the music industry’s true gems.

The band started their onslaught with a intimate yet rocking album release party the unique Hollywood venue No Vacancy. The small first-come-first-served audience were treated to performances of some of the bands biggest hits as well as a few new tunes sprinkled in for good measure. Crash Boom Bang, So Easy Rider, Smartphone, Whatcha Got, Sucker for Love were all performed, with the night being rounded off with a belting rendition of Cotton Candy.

Up next came the release of Crash Boom Bang! itself. The album hit the shops on July 29th and was instantly met with rave reviews across the board. Reviewers praised the bands rocky sound, excellent song writing and tight-nit group cohesion, all of which combined to create a standout collection of songs. You can read my full Crash Boom Bang review here!

But the didn’t just rest on their laurels once the album was out there, oh no! Brian, Oliver and Lucrecia went on a mini press tour, with media outlets including ‘Good Day, LA’ and ‘Breakfast with the Beatles’ providing riveting interviews with all three members of the band. As an added bonus they also gave an exclusive acoustic performance!

Soon The Bayonets’ reached another landmark: landing a crowning spot on the iTunes New Music opening page, seen by hundreds of thousands of people each and every day. Brian took to Twitter, saying: “Crash Boom Bang! is featured on the New Music opening page at iTunes, between Beck and Tom Petty. We are pleased beyond words, and your support each day is what gives indie music the life it needs to thrive, so thank you!”

Several days later the band announced they were going to put together a video for their next single: the blustery rocker So Easy Rider. In a newsletter he asked fans to send in video clips of their pets being ‘easy riders’, that can be montaged together to create a brand new video featuring fans of the band. If you like the sound of the idea and want to get involved, find out how by reading the newsletter here!

To top the whole whirlwind few weeks off, The Bayonets’ Crash Boom Bang! finally managed to climb up to the number 1 position of the daily Classic Rock music charts (via Media Base). Despite being ecstatic that their album even broke into the top 10, Crash Boom Bang! defied all expectations and continued to rise up the charts until it it hit the highly sought after crowning position on August 10, ranking above music giants Eric Capton, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Led Zeplin and Robert Plant. They also ranked overall number 4 for the entire week.

And we must remember that the Classic Rock music chart is not just a one voter based ‘vanity chart’: it is worked out via how often music is played nationally – far and wide, loud and proud across the country. Another amazing achievement and just another feather in The Bayonets’ cap!

So what’s next for The Bayonets? Only time will tell. But it’s been a hell of a ride so far! So don’t get off, cos you never know what’s around the corner…!

Crash Boom Bang! is available to buy NOW from their official website as well as iTunes and anywhere and everywhere that sells digital music.

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