Single review: Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Single review: Taylor Swift - Shake It OffWhile Taylor Swift was supposedly aiming for a new style of music on her upcoming album 1989, the lead single Shake It Off unfortunately turned out to be one of the years most generic sounding slices of lowbrow bubble-gum pop.

In an live online interview Taylor intimated that her new album, due out in October, was heavily influenced by the sound of the 1980s. She also commented: “I woke up everyday, while making this record, not wanting but needing to make a new style of music”.

Unfortunately she has fallen somewhat short in her endeavours. Granted, this is the country/pop singers first “documented, official pop album”, however stepping even further away from the country influences with her new single Shake It Up has done nothing to help it stand out in the crowd.

Catering to the lowest common denominator, Shake It Up will undoubtedly fulfil the needs of the teeny-boppers that will lap up the wholly unremarkable and generic sounding music presented here. Predictable cliche lyrics, lack of a decent melody and an overly simplistic, overly repetitive chorus will make some question where music went wrong.

It’s a tried, tested and overly used formula that has been spoon fed to a very specific audience and has been over-saturating the market for years.

However to the songs credit it’s filled with those all important hooks. And she obviously had fun recording it. So I’ll give her that.

You’ll no doubt hear Shake It Up on the radio in the car or in the office. It may even get stuck in your head for five or ten minutes. But I very much doubt that any true music lovers – or anyone over the age of 16 for that matter – will be rushing out to buy this one.

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