Single review: Weezer – Back to the Shack

Single review: Weezer - Back to the ShackWeezer’s new single Back to the Shack is a gritty, heavy rocker from their upcoming album Everything Will Be Alright In The End. The track sees the band making a long overdue return to their roots as well as offering an apology to fans for their musical missteps over the years.

While driven by it’s lyrics, Back to the Shack thuds and plods along in a similar vein to their 2005 smash hit Beverly Hills. However where Beverly Hills was more mainstream and commercially appealing, the new single has more of a grungy thrashed rock edge to it.

This heavier rocked up sound juxtaposes nicely with the thin verses that consist primarily of vocals and a solid drum rhythm. The result sounds like a cross between an arena filling alternative rock group and a back-to-basics garage band. A result the band were undoubtedly aiming for.

Weezer alienated many fans by becoming more mainstream and swinging away from their rock roots twrite pop, however in their triumphant return to glory Rivers Cuomo sings: “Sorry guys I didn’t realise that I needed you so much / I thought I’d get a new audience I forgot that disco sucks!” He continues later in the song, saying: “We belong in the rock world / there is so much left to do / if we die in obscurity, oh well / at least we raised some hell!”

By all accounts, fans that felt let down by Weezers pop ventures have more than accepted their apology, praising the band not only for not forgetting where they come from, but for delivering the goods to. If Back to the Shack is anything to go by, their upcoming album Everything Will Be Alright In The End (due for release September 30th) will be their best in a long time.

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