The Bayonets need your pets for new music video!

The Bayonets need your pets for new music video!

With the closing date for submissions for The Bayonets’ upcoming So Easy Rider music video fast approaching, the band would still like to see more videos of your pets! Despite having already received hundreds of videos, there is still time to submit yours for consideration!

So Easy Rider is set to be the next single from The Bayonets’ smash hit album Crash Boom Bang! featuring Brian Ray, Oliver Leiber and Lucrecia Lopez Sanz.

Opening with a simple gravely 5-note riff, the lyrics to So Easy Rider roll and tumble along to a primarily single-noted verse melody before the chorus lets rip and allows the melody to soar and the drums to pound. A screeching guitar solo gives way to a uplifting and beautifully harmonised bridge which only further augments the juxtaposed sections of the song.

As all band members strongly support animal charities, they thought that creating a video consisting of pets playing around and having fun would be a great idea. And what better way to do it than to get fans to send in their own clips?! Lead singer Brian Ray spoke about the animal themed video on the bands website:

We would like you to submit your own clips of your pets (or animals you know) “riding”, whether it be riding ‘shotgun’ in a convertible with the wind in it’s fur, on the back of another pet, on a surfboard, in a bicycle basket, in the sidecar of a motorcycle or any other type of “riding” action you can capture. You get the idea!

All videos are required by AUGUST 25th. To find out full details about what The Bayonets require and how to submit your own video you can read their latest newsletter here!

Oh, and before you leave, here was my less than successful attempt at getting a video…



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