Star Wars Episode VII preview set for Christmas Day release?

Star Wars Episode VII preview set for Christmas Day release?

With principal photography for Star Wars Episode VII drawing to a close, the internet is awash with rumors that the first glimpse of footage from the highly anticipated sequel will be released on Christmas Day.

The rumors came about as news broke that veteran movie composer John Williams is reportedly to record the trailer’s score in Los Angeles on 15th November. Williams has recorded music for all six previous Star Wars movies as well as creating the soundtracks to some of the most enduring and well loved films in cinema history, including ET, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones.

While recording a trailer’s score separate to the rest of the movie is an unconventional practice, it is not unheard of. Indeed director JJ Abrams has been known to release ‘shorts’ (trailer length mini movies) in lieu of a traditional trailer, which would require Williams to compose an additional mini-suite that can be used in the preview that is expected to be attached to Disney’s upcoming movie Into The Woods.

This news that work is ready to begin is further backed up with unconfirmed reports that record producer Ford A Thaxton has confirmed that the Maestro is set score Episode VII in the very near future with a view to releasing a trailer on 25th December.

This is not the only Star Wars news to hit the internet of late: a whole host of concept art for the movie has been leaked online, including characters, spaceships, and most tantalizingly the charred desecrated remains of Darth Vader’s helmet (see main article image above).

Star Wars Episode VII will be released on 18th December 2015.

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