The Bayonets and Orianthi are set to rock in 2015

The Bayonets and Orianthi are set to rock in 2015Having had a spectacular 2014, The Bayonets’ are set to rock into 2015 with a special live performance alongside guitarist extraordinaire Orianthi at San Francisco’s world famous Great American Music Hall.

The upcoming concert will take place on the 2nd January 2015, where it is expected the band and Orianthi will play a mix of The Bayonets’ biggest hits as well as a selection of rocking covers.

The Bayonets’ had a hugely successful 2014, releasing their debut album Crash Boom Bang! (review here), as well as a slurry of instant classic singles including gritty rocker So Easy Rider and the euphoric Crash Boom Bang!

Orianthi has played guitar alongside such musical giants as Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler…and even The Bayonets’ very own Brian Ray in 2010 at a special Les Paul tribute half-time show at the Sun Life stadium in Miami. (You can see a video of the show at the end of this post.)

Tickets to the special concert are available here. There are two packages: one for the concert and one that includes a dinner before the band hit the stage.

You can keep up to date with all the latest Bayonets news on their official website. Similarly for all the latest Orianti ews head over to her official website.



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