What are we going to see in the imminent Star Wars Episode VII teaser?

What are we going to see in the imminent Star Wars Episode VII teaser?With the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens imminent, the internet is buzzing with what will be included in it. As you would probably expect, this post contains some potential spoilers, so if you don’t want to know, turn away now!

The teaser trailer is said to run at only 55 seconds long, however this is not an unprecedented move. A similar, abstract teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was released in 2002. You can see it at the end of this post.

So lets take a look at some of the rumors floating around, starting with some details provided by source 1: Badass Digest.

  • The Force Theme is played on woodwinds, softly, over flashing images of the main leads, each fading to black.
  • There’s no dialogue, just reveals of the characters.
  • The music swells up into a full orchestral piece – perhaps what John Williams recently recorded (full story here.)
  • We hear a female voice, likely Daisy Ridley’s, saying “Wake up.”
  • The title card appears – Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • We see the Millennium Falcon, firing blasters, coming right at the camera.

Exciting much? Source 2 doesn’t sound all that dissimilar to Source 1. However Source 2: MakingStarWars, delves into a little more detail:

  • Fade in from black, shots of the dunes, John Boyega’s character enters the shot from below. He’s wearing white Stormtrooper armor but he doesn’t have a helmet on.
  • In the teaser we only really see Boyega and Daisy Ridley’s characters.
  • Ridley’s character boards a speeder.
  • She has a helmet on like Endor Leia (from Return of the Jedi): a design with pop-down goggles.
  • A shot of Ridley’s speeder approaching the a desert station.
  • We see the new Stormtroopers on a transport…the flight is turbulent.
  • Shots of new X-wings.
  • Shots of Tie Fighters.
  • A new ‘Soccer Ball Droid’.
  • The new ‘Sith’ is also revealed. He has a cross-beam lightsaber and the beam flickers strangely.
  • The Millennium Falcon.

Whatever we get, it is sure to work Star Wars fans (and movie fans in general) into a frenzy. In the meantime try to enjoy the Attack of the Clones “Breathing” teaser trailer while we wait with baited breath…!

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