Single review: Paul McCartney – Hope for the Future

Single review: Paul McCartney - Hope for the FutureWritten specifically for the closing credits of the critically acclaimed video game Destiny, Hope for the Future is Paul McCartney’s brand new, sweepingly epic new single.

The spacey and well orchestrated Hope for the Future features some stabbing strings and blasting brass as well as thudding, sprawling drums and atmospheric guitars topped with a strong vocal that sits nicely within Macca’s current range.

While he isn’t renowned for his thought provoking and deep lyrics (and lets face it, 99.9% of the time most of his songs work because they’re so simple and as such don’t need them anyway really), the lyrics to Hope for the Future are uplifting and interesting enough to stand out as one of Paul’s stronger string of words.

The version of Hope for the Future that accompanes the Destiny video game is much more heavily orchestrated, and while it works well in that context, it would have made for an odd single choice. Luckily the version that is being released strips back some of that luscious orchestration to reveal the bare bones of the song.

While it’s not an instant hit, it’s a pleasant enough listen and seemingly a slow grower if given the chance.

You can keep up to date with Paul McCartney by heading over to his official website, following him on his Twitter account or liking his Facebook page.

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