Single review: Kanye West feat. Paul McCartney – Only One

Single review: Kanye West feat. Paul McCartney - Only OneThe first collaboration between rapper Kanye West and music legend Sir Paul McCartney is the touchingly simple Only One. Built around a simple keyboard backing Kanye pays tribute to his mother and his daughter.

Recorded in a Los Angeles bungalow early in 2014, the single finds Kanye channelling the spirit of his late mother, Dr Donda West, to pass on a message of hope and love to his daughter.

While the range of the melody is pretty small, the conscious use of autotune on Kanye’s vocal is a deliberate effort to provide a juxtaposition between the retro sounding keyboard and the modern sounding vocal. Would it have sounded better without the autotune? Maybe…that is, after all, quite a subjective question. But I understand the decision to use that particular tool.

As for Macca, he stays relatively in the shadows, providing the musical accompaniment with only a sparse amount of harmonising. However music and melody-wise his fingerprints are all over the single, sounding very much like a ‘Paul song’.

While Only One has caused a bit of a spat between some of Kanye and McCartney’s fans, the track still remains an upliftingly simple and promising first collaboration between the pair.

You can keep up to date with Kanye West by visiting his official website. Also be sure to head over to Paul McCartney’s official website for all the latest news from the rocker.

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