Paul McCartney pre-sale fail

Paul McCartney pre-sale failWith Paul McCartney making a long overdue return to the UK with his Out There tour, tickets went on pre-sale…only to be snapped up within seconds by scalpers and fans from outside the UK.

With his last proper UK show being in 2011, Paul McCartney toured extensively in North and South America in the subsequent years. So when 3 UK shows were announced for in London, Birmingham and Liverpool there was a lot of buzz and excitement.

It was announced that tickets would go on pre-sale via Paul McCartney’s official website at 10am, however come 10:01am tickets were scarce. Now this wouldn’t have been so much of an issue with UK fans if tickets had been snapped up by other UK fans. However it was soon apparent that fans from other countries as far as North and South America had managed to bag tickets meaning people from the UK had to miss out.

And to add insult to injury scalpers had secured a large bulk of tickets which they immediately had on sale at massively inflated prices.

While the most expensive tickets via Paul McCartney’s official website were priced at £135, tickets on reselling websites were upwards of £500 and £600.

On the official forums UK fans were outraged. RockyRaccoon68 commented: “Cheers, how many decent tickets were actually release? 2?!”. Similarly user Chrisstevens ranted: “The pre-sale was utter sh*te. Logged in, only blocks 405, 406 available right at top of venue. Then Bffft. Gone!”

So, here are my suggestions as to how to make getting hold of pre-sale tickets fairer and easier:

1) To be able to buy you had to register on the website. However you were able to register up to 8am…only two hours before the tickets became available. People had a good few days to register, essentially rendering the pre-sale open to anyone. Registration should have been temporarily suspended as soon as the tour announcement went out. Or at the very least people registering after the announcement shouldn’t have been allowed to partake in the pre-sale.

2) Fans from the UK ONLY should have been able to buy pre-sale tickets. With people from around the world swooping in to get a limited amount of tickets, what chance does someone that lives only an hour away from the closest venue have? Pre-sale for people living in the country of the show only, general sale could be fair game for anyone. Fair?

And finally…

3) Scalpers need to be stopped ASAP and resale website should be shut down, have their tickets voided and made available to buy again.

However on the upside, Macca fan Jen Dodge pointed out: “To be honest, I’ve gotten better seats during the general sale than during pre-sale, so this may not be the worst thing. They release a few good seats during pre-sale, and then a bunch of rubbish, so I wager people will wind up with pretty good seats when the general sale begins. Fingers crossed!”

So fingers crossed. But don’t hold your breath.

7 thoughts on “Paul McCartney pre-sale fail

  1. Bob Gannon says:

    Josh, same thing in NYC or any other big US city..people from all lover the world descend on those cities in hopes of seeing Paul. Problem not isolated to liverpool

  2. Bob Gannon says:

    but you are right, no new registrations should be taken as it only lends to scalpers getting a large chunk after making fake accounts

  3. karabatic13 says:

    False. Most scalpers are from the UK.

    ” 2) Fans from the UK ONLY should have been able to buy tickets.” THIS IS BULLSHIT. Fuck you.

    • Josh Gill says:

      MYbe I should have clarified: fans from the UK ONLY should have been able to buy tickets from the pre-sale. Once general admission opened up then it could be fair game for anyone.

  4. Pat says:

    Your remark about fans from outside the UK buying tickets for gigs in the UK is just stupid….unless you can assure me UK fans never buy tickets for gigs taking place outside of the UK! We live in 2015, not in 1970! See you in Paris maybe? 😉

  5. Lauren Caton says:

    But when fans from other countries have seen Macca every year for like the past 5 years because he’s only been touring in their countries then others should be given a shot. The presale was more like a general sale, anyone could sign up to the site up to 2 hours before the sale therefore many genuine fans didn’t even get a look in. Macca has toured South America extensively over the past few years. The last proper UK tour was in 2011. So yeah I agree for UK gigs, UK fans should be given priority. When Macca is back in America which he no doubt will be in the near future then all you North and South Americans can have priority then. Jeez its not like he hasn’t done 42 North American and 13 South American gigs for Out There already. Remind me again how many UK shows there’s been…that’s right none!

  6. gary says:

    funny how someones selling 14 tickets on stubhub at stupid prices obviously not bought by a fan just some money
    making ticket tout

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